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Simple Style Unisex Quartz Watches with Stainless Steel Mesh Waterproof Fashion Business Casual Dress Wrist Watch

Sale price ¥99.00 Regular price ¥199.00

 1.The watch is simple style and exquisite workmanship. It is made of 316L steel and mechanically brushed surface texture, which presents the original state of steel.

2.This watch has a waterproof function in daily life. and a waterproof rating of 3ATM. The buckle of the strap is adjustable.

3.The watch adopts the original imported Citizen movement of Japan. The movement has built-in load compensation system. The internal IC continuously monitors the running condition of the motor. Once the motor is running abnormally, it will generate large pulse energy to ensure continuous and accurate timing.

4.This watch has a soft luminous pointer design that guides the time direction even in the dark. The pointer has a luminous luminescent coating that is safe, gentle and does not hurt the eyes.

5.This is an unisex watch and it is also a good gift for couples.