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Anti-dust PP Fiber Face Mouth Masks PM2.5 Filter Mouth Cover for Men and Women

Sale price ¥72.00 Regular price ¥99.00

1.This mask is made of four layers of composite nano, which completely blocks particulate matter, allergens, second-hand smoke and other harmful substances.In addition, PM2.5 has a filtration efficiency of up to 99%.

2.High-density polymer lithium battery and the self-developed energy-saving module, you can charge the mask once and can last for 4-8 hours.

3.This mask has three-stage speed regulation function,You can adjust the required air volume for daily wear by one-touch adjustment. It can reduce the feeling of suffocation when you wear it.

4.This mask is ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight which is easy to carry.It is double detachable and the outer layer is washable.what’s more.The internal filter of this mask can be used repeatedly to save replacement costs.