50Pcs/Roll Disposable Lazy Rags Wiping Pad Dishcloth Kitchen Cleaning Cloth

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Household must-have----The lazy rag is a multi-functional rag that can be used to clean dishes, kitchens, furniture, and more. It is called a magical rag by the customer. Because it can absorb water and oil, and the cleaning effect is very good.


Material---This lazy rag is made of 80% high quality wood pulp + 20% PP material. it is excellent softness and water absorption. Which can effectively wipe off water stains, soup, soy sauce and other stains


Strong decontamination---This lazy rag is disposable and can be used both wet and dry. The dry rag has a strong water absorption ,it can easily absorb liquid stains. The rag can be wetted and the diluted stains can be easily wiped off,when it encounters stubborn stains.